Other Bends

Here are some other results of databending experiments...

Chirp With Ripple

Modulated Sine wave from 100Hz to 12000Hz over 60 seconds. Initially created using sndfile-generate-chirp:

sndfile-generate-chirp -from 100 -to 12000 -amp 0.75 44100 60 chirp-100-12000-amp075-60s.wav

The resulting WAV was loaded as BMP in GIMP, then a Ripple filter applied with an amplitude of 1.0

Listening to /bin/ls

Here is the /bin/ls from Linux coreutils compiled for amd64, played as mono @ 2000Hz:

(Why does it sound like a modem handshake from around 3 second to 8 second mark??? I don't know!)

Listening to Earth

Using data from the Natural Earth project, I've been listening to the Earth togography for no good reasons.

wave-4 by eSko

Soon after my experiments in eliciting imagery from a E string and also creating a few of my own 16777216 (2^24, 256^3) colour images, I discovered allRGB.com and their wonderful collection of true colour images holding all sixteen mibicolours of the 24bpp colour space. When I saw wave-4 by eSko I recognized the overall sentiment of the colours is similar to those created by slapping a 24bpp BMP header onto a recording of a guitar, so I gave it a listen and it sounds like this: